06 Dessember 2007
China opposes U.S. subsidy probe

BEIJING: China strongly opposes U.S. charges it is unfairly subsidizing the manufacture of its steel pipes and woven sacks for export, the Commerce Ministry said Wednesday, in a further sign of trade friction between the countries.

China is "strongly unsatisfied" and "firmly opposed" to a recent U.S. Commerce Department ruling that says 'China is subsidizing companies making rectangular pipes and laminated woven sacks for export, Wang Xinpei, a ministry spokesman, said in a posting on the ministry's website.

As the U.S. trade deficit with China has ballooned, . reaching US$232.5 billion last year, tensions over China's growing exports and the level of its currency have grown, with the United States filing more antidumping investigations against Chinese goods.

On Nov. 27, the U.S. Commerce Department said China was unfairly subsidizing its laminated woven sack industry that make sacks to package dog food and birdseed.

Source : The Jakarta Post, Page : 16 

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