12 Juni 2013
Invitation to Bid: Iron Ore Pellet Overseas Transportation from Ponta Ubu-Brazil and Huasco-Chile to Cigading, Indonesia

PT. Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk, as owned State Company in Indonesia hereby invites Transporter to participate in bidding of  Iron Ore Pellet Overseas Transportation from   Ponta Ubu-Brazil    and  Huasco-Chile   to Cigading, Indonesia.  

The Owner shall have undertaking the scope of work as follows :

1. To perform overseas transportation of the cargo from loading port Ponta Ubu-Brazil (Max. Age of Vessel : 18 years) and Huasco-Chile (Max. Age of Vessel : 20 years) to discharging port, Cigading, Banten - Indonesia under  a Contract Of  Affreightment.

2.    To ensure the vessel have carried The Cargo from loading port to Discharge of Cigading, Banten – Indonesia in quantity as required by The Charterer.

3.    To oversea the sailing of vessels to ensure the expected time of arrival (eta) on schedule.

1. The cargo to be transported is merchandise named Iron Ore Pellets or “Pellets” from Loading Port Ponta Ubu-Brazil and Huasco-Chile to discharging Port Cigading, Indonesia.

2. The quantity for each shipment shall be 150,000 metric tons, 10 % more or less in Owner option (MOLOO).

3. The estimated shipments in period as follows :

1. BRAZIL : 19 Shipments    
2. CHILE : 18 Shipments

In order to participate in the bidding, the candidate bidder shall make registration ad submit the supporting evidences of Pre-qualification :

1. The Bidder  is the international shipping as proven by the deed of establishement articles of association and business licence. (legalized by the public notary).

2. The Owner and/or Operator has experience minimum 2 (two) years in transporting of Iron Ore Pellets and/or Coal by Capesize (vessel) with a payload capacity for: 140,000 – 160,000 Dead Weight tonnage (DWT) as proven by 3 (three) copies agreement for the last 5 (five) years.

3. The Owner has at least 1 (one) unit vessel as proven by legalized copy certificate of ownership and Operator has at least 1 (one) unit time chartered vessel as proven by signed Time Charter agreement.

4.  Copy of Audited Financial Report (last 32 (two) years (2011 and 2012)  and company profile.

5.  A Bidder shall appoint only one have representative (national company) as proven by a Letter of Appointment (one representative shall only represent one bidder).

6.  Submit Sstatement letter signed by the authorized director that guarantee the trurth of any document, data dan information provided as follow :

a. Unconditional Bid Bond amounting to (1-3 percent) of the total freight offering  value for 1 (one) years which is issued by the state-owned Bank domiciled in Indonesia as Bank Mandiri, Bank Rakyat Indonesia/BRI or, Bank BNI and shall be submitted at the time of submission of the offer. Validity of bid bond shall be 3 (three) months. 

b. If declared as the winner then The Owner shall submit a Performance Bond in a form Bank Guarantee issued by  State Owned Bank in Indonesia (such as Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Bank BRI) amounteding to 5 (five) % of the total 1 (one) year freight in US Dollar. It shall be submitted within 7 (seven)rworking days to The Charterer since the Owner declared as the winner.

c. If declared as the winner then TransporterThe Owner expressed and enforced the provisions of the Terms of References/TOR and minutes of pre bid meeting

To PT Krakatau Steel (persero) Tbk Tender Committee, address below,  not later than June 26th, 2013 at 3 PM (west Indonesian regional time);

IV.   CONTACT PERSON Of Tender Announcer :

Attn: - Mr. Sonny Desander  

Logistic Building,
Jl Australia II Blok G.I Kawasan Industri KIEC, Cilegon 42435, Banten, Indonesia
Telephone: +62.254-371792; Facsimile: +62.254-371122
Web: http://www.krakatausteel.com/
Email: sonny.desander@krakatausteel.com

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