22 Mei 2013
Krakatau Steel Initiates Local Entrepreneurs

Investment in an area will bring positive impact to its economic development; vacancy and business opportunity in the area would also develop. New big investment in Cilegon, Banten, such as Krakatau Posco and other companies, was a blessing for the society. Many business opportunities were possible to be managed by the local entrepreneurs with the new big companies so that the local entrepreneurs develop their business. The willingness of local entrepreneurs to manage the opportunity, the government permits and service capacities of the local entrepreneurs were absolutely necessary. Therefore, Wednesday, 25th May 2013, PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk (PTKS) signed memorandum of understanding with Cilegon Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarding synergy and local entrepreneurs partnership development in The Royale Krakatau Cilegon, Banten.


Chairman of Cilegon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ali Mujahidin explained the importance of initiating local enterpreneurs. “Initiation and alignment to the local enterpreneurs is very important. This MoU is a way to encourage the dovelopment of local entrepreneurs in accordance with appicable law and regulation.” Mumu (his nickname) explained. CEO of PT Krakatau Steel stated the same thing, “We are ready to grow with the local entrepreneurs. By initiating the local entrepreneurs, hopefully the quality and capacity of the local entrepreneurs is getting better.” Irvan explained.

Meanwhile, the Vice Chairman of Banten Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lulu Kaking who attended the signing ceremony of the MoU, expected thtat, “We really appreciate this MoU, we hope that PT Krakatau Steel can initiate local entrepreneurs. There are Big investments brought by PT Krakatau Steel. Hopefully the the local entrepreneurs will be developed so that the local economic growth is increasing rapidly.”

The theme of this event was increasing the competitiveness of the local entrepreneurs to meet the investment need in Cilegon, Banten. This was one of the 2013 Working Meeting of Cilegon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This event proved the existence of PT Krakatau Steel could increase the local economic and brought blessing to the local entrepreneurs of Cilegon, around Banten and could increase the economic of the country.

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