13 Dessember 2012
The Best State Owned Enterprise of 2012 in Non Financial Strategic Industry Sector

ach_investor-20122.jpgInvestor magazine, which is a part of BeritaSatu Media Holdings, on Tuesday, 13th December 2012, held 2012 Investor Magazine Award. It is a state award for the Best Stated Own Enterprise of 2012, the Best Multi-finance of 2012, the Best Securities of 2012, the Best Obligation of 2012 and the Best Financial Figures of 2012.

PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk represented by President Director & CEO received the Best Stated Owned Enterprise of 2012 in Non Financial Strategic Industry Sector. It was based on the rank of 2011 financial statement of Stated Owned Enterprise in Strategic Industry Segment.

There was a special theme every year, which was an emphasis in the assessment of the achievable CEOs and for each award that was given. Especially for the Indonesia Financial Prominent Nomination the judges emphasized on CEOs innovation ability in developing their company and how to contribute the industry that they were working on. Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and Corporate Social Responsibility issues remained a paramount concern.

The award judges were finance professionals and financial practitioners. They are Aviliani, Economist; Ronald T. Andy Kasim, CEO of PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (Pefindo), Hotbonar Sinaga; former CEO of Jamsostek; Rhenald Kasali, Professor of Economy Faculty of Universitas Indonesia; Djoni Rolindrawan Chairman of Indonesia Pension Fund Association; Aditya Sumanagara, former CEO of Aneka Tambang Tbk; and Primus Dorimulu, Chief Editor of Investor Magazine.

Peter F. Gontha, Publisher of BeritaSatu Media Holdings in his speech said that dedicated and achievable CEO was expected to manage Indonesias financial industry to be increasingly developing so that it could make greater contributions to the national economy.

Inter-Agency Relations Expert Staff of SOE Minister, Bagus Rumboko who delivered the Best SOE of 2012 award, said that state-owned enterprises were expected to improve their performance, not only create vacancy but also could be a competitive force of the nation. The excellence and innovation were the growth basis of a world-class company that could be a pillar for the development and growth of a nation.


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