23 November 2011
Indonesia Quality Award 2011, Platinum Award for the Highest Score Achievement / Increasing Performance through the Baldridge Criteria

PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk won an award at the event in Indonesia Quality Award (IQA) at Hotel Mulia Senayan, on November 23rd, 2011. PT Krakatau Steel once again received the Band Score title of Emerging Industry Leader (EIL) for the category of large companies. Moreover, the company also received the position of Award Performance Excellence Growth Achievement. This achievement of PT Krakatau Steel was closed perfectly when achieved top honors award in this event which is the Platinum Award for the Highest Score Achievement.


Not least, in this assessment, PT Krakatau Steel is also incorporating some of its subsidiary which also won the award. Some of its subsidiary, which are PT Krakatau Daya Listrik (KDL), PT Krakatau Wajatama (KWT), PT Krakatau Medika, PT Krakatau Bandar Samudra (KBS), PT Krakatau Tirta Industry (KTI), and PT Krakatau Engineering (KE). KDL, KTI, KE, and KWT won Band Score Early Improvement. While KIEC and KBS are one level above, they reached Band Score Good Performance.

Band Score Classification (leveling) on Malcolm Baldrige maturity score graphically which contain eight levels:
1. Early Development   (score 0-275)
2. Early Result    (Score 276-375)
3. Early improvement   (Score 376-475)
4. Good Performance   (Score 476-575)
5. Emerging Industry Leader  (Score 576-675)
6. Industry Leader   (Score 676-775)
7. Benchmark Leader   (Score 776-875)
8. World Leader   (Score 876-1000)

Then the scores criteria of companies that have achieved 576 to 675 (EIL) is:
a) All requirements (multiple requirements) answered in the Application Summary document and implemented throughout the working unit and tested by examiner at the time of assessment in the field.
b) For the criteria process (category 1 to 6) A-D-L-I function should be in a position of 70% to 85%, named:

  • Approach: systematic, effective, and responsive to the multiple requirements and its proven.
  • Deployed; all system is wheel deployed without any significant gap
  • Learning; process based on the facts and learning all the lines. There is innovation, analysis, and sharing.
  • Integrated: an integrated system of organization needs and to respond the organization profile.

c) For the outcome criteria (category-7) functions Le-T-C-I should be in a position of 50% to 65%, named:

  • The level of organizational performance reported by the majority (50 percent to 80 percent) good and meet all the requirements requested (multiple requirements).
  • Trend and proven that it is important and give benefit to the achievement of the organizations mission.
  • Some important performance data (50% - 80%) had comparable data and in the good position
  • Integrated; integrated system with the organizational needs and to respond all the organizational profile.
  • Organization Performance (customers, markets, operations) monitored and reported as well as improved projections.
IQA 2011 this time is the 7th bestowal of the excellent performance since it was introduced for the first time in 2005 in Bali, where the scope at the time was state-owned enterprises. But now has evolved into a private area, not just in the business environment, but also followed by the Hospital in the health sector and in the field of High Education. Total assessment and awarding of participants has reached 31 companies plus three companies that only want to be judged.

President Director of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk. Fazwar Bujang in his speech said that the achievement of the IQA 2011 is the fruit of the hard work of all employees at PT Krakatau Steel. However Fazwar is always reminding to continue to improve achievement in the upcoming time. "The important thing is how to improve performance in both the areas of appreciation, as well as in the field of performance" said Fazwar.

Baldridge Criteria-method performance measurement has prompted an increasing in corporate performance. Feedback of the assessment result in many time have shown an innovation opportunities which are relevant and necessary to establish the growth and sustainability of the organization.

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