07 September 2011
Support The National Team, PT KS Held Watching Together (Nobar)

CILEGON - In order to support the Indonesian National Soccer Team against Bahrain, PT Krakatau Steel held watching together (nobar) with 300 candidates who were following the Management Training Program, in the Conventional Hall Permata Hotel, Tuesday (6/9). In the event, the entire board of directors also attended in order to enliven the event.

Also present in an event that has held since 19:00 PM, the President Director of PT KS Fazwar Bujang, Director of Human Resources and General Affair PT KS Dadang Danusiri, Director of Logistic PT KS Yerry, and several other directors. They mingled with the participants of management training who also most of them are football enthusiast.

The event were rousing, the participants of nobar wore many attributes of national team. They also shouted the victory slogans for the national team who is struggling at the soccer field Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta.

Some entertainment events also presented, a single organ is provided so that the participants can sing along among the free time in the event. In his speech, Fazwar Bujang said that the purpose of this watching together event is to give support to t he National Team who are still fighting in the name of the nation.

“By watching football, I hope the participants can get the fighting spirit of the national team. The spirit of never give up is good to be an exemplary and implemented into the working environment so that it always brings the high spirits,” he said.

He also said, the spirit of fighting and never give up is also needed in the PT KS working environment. Those things, he said, also part of the PT KS tradition as the one of the largest state-owned companies in Indonesia.

“Our company has a highly competitive spirit, both regionally and internationally. This can be achieved because from the employees up to the board of directors has a soul of patriotism and never-give-up spirit. So that they always make the best results in every task that assigned upon them,” added Fazwar.

Meanwhile, Dery Aldy, one of participant said that he was happy with the holding of this nobar event. With this event, he said, it could trigger the enthusiasm in carrying out the training program. “Hopefully the fighting spirit of the teams can be transmitted to us,” he said.


Source: Radar Banten, September 7th, 2011 Edition

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