10 Juni 2011
PRESS RELEASE: Lime Calcining Plant II Project, Contract Signing of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk with PT Truba Jaya Engineering

JAKARTA - PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk signed a contract with PT Truba Jaya Engineering to work on the construction of a new lime plant, Lime Calcining Plant II. Agreement was signed by Deputy Director of Strategic Projects PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk Andi Soko and President Director of PT Truba Jaya Erman Suparno and Finance Director of PT Truba Jaya Andre Purnawan, witnessed by the President Director of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk Fazwar Bujang, held at Vision Meeting Room, Krakatau Steel Building, Jakarta.

Lime Calcining Plant II will be built in the industrial estate in Cilegon with a construction time for 15 months. The project will take place in mid-July 2011. PT Truba Jaya Engineering as a consortium, while the technology is owned by Maerz Ofenbau AG from Switzerland.

This lime (Ca O) plant is the second lime factory owned by PT Krakatau Steel to produce the limestone that is used as one of ingredient in the production of the desulfurization process. By using high-tech "Parallel Flow Regenerativeā€ the efficiency and product quality can be achieved at once. This technology is capable producing up to 90% lime content.

Parallel Flow Regenerative is a technology that not allows energy (heat) wasted, but re-used for heating process in the separation of lime compounds (Ca O) with carbon dioxide (CO2). The use of dual Klin represents this technology.

Fazwar Bujang in his speech expressed his happiness for this project in building a new lime plant with PT Truba Jaya Engineering, which is known have a good reputation. Although the lime plant is a small part of the entire company of PT Krakatau Steel, but its existence has important strategic value for steel production. "If desulfurization disturbed, then the demand of electricity will increase, and this will lead to the production costs also increased," said Fazwar. Fazwar also hope that this project will run on time and get appropriate quality.

While Erman Suparno who is also a former minister in his speech he welcomed this project. "I thank you for the trust and cooperation of PT Krakatau Steel together with PT Truba Jaya Engineering to work on this Projects of Lime Calcining Plant II," Erman said. He also hopes that this project goes smoothly.

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