26 Mei 2011
PRESS RELEASE: The inauguration of the Cihara River Suspension Bridge in Lebak Regency assisted by PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk

LEBAK - President Director of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk Fazwar Bujang accompanied by Lebak Regent Haji Mulyadi Jayabaya SE on Thursday (26/05) inaugurated the suspension bridge of Cihara River in Lebak district, located between Mt Gede village District Penggarangan and Cikate Village Cigemblong District. This suspension bridge is pure relief from PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk with the amount of Rp 505.000.000, -

In his speech Fazwar Bujang hope that people of Cimuncang Kaler Village and Cisasak Village can use the existence of this suspension bridge and also keep maintain it so that the existence of this bridge can last for a long time.

"We hope that this suspension bridge can be used as a bridge between villagers in Cimuncang Kaler and Cisasak and can increase the economic growth in both villages," said Fazwar Bujang.

Fazwar Bujang also asked for supports and prayers at this time because the company is conducting the development of production capacity. "We as the company management are begging to the entire community of Cimuncang Kaler Village and Cicasak Village for the prayer so that the development efforts of PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk, which is running now could be done smoothly and completed in accordance with the preset time," said Fazwar Bujang.

Fazwar Bujang at the end of his speech thanked to the whole team especially the bridge construction team: off road BPOSKS team, PT Krakatau Engineering and local communities that have struggled with all their heart so that this bridge can be completed properly.

In his speech, H. Mulyadi Jayabaya said "We as the behalf of the community Lebak District especially Cimuncang Kaler Village and Kampung Cisasak Village send our many thanks for the construction of this suspension bridge."

"The existence of this suspension bridge proves that Krakatau Steel as the largest steel company in Indonesia really care about the people of Indonesia and I hope the good relations between the industry and the government could continue to be improved so that there would be born another suspension bridges construction," added Mulyadi Jayabaya.

Suspension Bridge Team Leader Kamarul Hajar said that during the year 2011, PT Krakatau Steel with PT Holcim, PT SPIJ, Bina Marga and NGOs of Sweden is planning to build 14 suspension bridges scattered in some province in Indonesia, especially in West Java 3 Bridges, Central Java 3 Bridges and Banten Province 3 Bridges.

While in Banten province has built three suspension bridges which fully financed by PT Krakatau Steel, there are Lebak District Suspension Bridge, Serang Regency Suspension Bridge in Anyer and Tanara Suspension Bridge.

"The construction of this bridge takes 2 months because of the location which is difficult to reach and have a long distance. Alhamdulillah thanks to God, the hard work between local communities and the Krakatau steel bridge team could finish with a good result," added Kamarul.

A Glance of the atmosphere at Suspension Bridge Location

Cimuncang Kaler Village and Cisasak Village of Lebak District has the population of about 800 households located in the altitude of 700 m above sea level, precisely in South Lebak regency of Banten province. Meanwhile the bridge is 60 km far away from the Penggarangan District and 40 km far away from Cigemblong District.

The road to both villages is still a narrow dirt road, slippery, especially when it rains and has textured hills. The condition of this road makes a normal vehicle can not pass through the road, only certain vehicles can pass, so that vehicles which used by the suspension bridge team is using a vehicle that commonly used for off road sport.

Previously, the economic traffic for the distribution of crops such as palm sugar, agriculture, crafts and school children traffic and farmers and employees which using bamboo bridges with bad condition. And according to the local community news in 2009 there was an accident which once a citizen fell down while crossing the river bamboo bridge.

Specification of Suspension Bridge Condition

River  : Cihara
River Width : 40 m
Bridge Length : 50 m
Bridge Width : 1.2 m
Cost  : Rp505.000.000
Built within 2 months.

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