23 Maret 2011
PKBL PT KS Win 4 Awards

PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk through the Division of Partnership and Environment Development Program (PKBL) was awarded the national achievement, as the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) that coach best Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), in the event of SOEs Work 2011, organized by PT Mediatama Binakreasi collaboration with the Ministry of SOEs RI in the Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC), on 16 to 20 March.

In the event which attended by 598 SMEs from 30 SOEs in Indonesia, in addition won the award as the best SOEs which coach SME, PKBL KS also have won 4 of 5 award categories at the same time its contested. There are, the first ranking of business category of fashion products, jewelry, and fashion accessories. Next, the third ranking is the categories of business products in handy crafts and interior accessories or furniture. PKBL KS also achieved first rank in the business category of trade in goods or services and public services. And, the third rank category of business products as well as snack or snack food or soft drink.

PKBL Manager of KS, Safei said, this award is a tribute to PT KS as a SOEs adviser and also to the perpetrators of SMEs who have either committed to partnering with PT KS. "From 4 of the awards, the grateful is to the best performance of our partners. Thera ara Tenun Baduy SMEs, KUB Sakinah, Emping Kartini, and Duta Seni. This is a very proud achievement, after last year we only got 3 awards, and one award which got the first rank,” said Safei, Tuesday (22/3). Safei added, the implementation of SMEs development program that performed by PKBL KS has so far reaped many achievements.


(Source: Online Media Bantenrayapost.co.id)

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