17 Maret 2011
PKBL KS Giving 24.000 Trees

CILEGON - PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk. continues to show its commitment to the prevention of environmental crises which caused by global warming. This effort is now evidenced by PT KS through the Division of the Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL), by giving 24,000 tree seedlings for go green activities in the district and the city of Serang.

"The commitment of PT KS as an industry that cares about environmental issues will keep continued. Therefore, to reduce the negative impacts of global warming, the effort of go green activities will be the major project," said PKBL Manager PT KS Safei, yesterday.
Safei said that 24,000 tree seedlings, given through the NGO Movement of Monitoring and Caring Community toward Civil Environmental Forest (Gempur). Then, symbolically, the consignment of tree seedlings was carried out simultaneously with the moment of National Crafts Council Area (Dekranasda) Banten Province anniversary, which held in Petir District, Serang Regency, on Tuesday (15/3).

"The community through Gempur NGO is currently working to do the environment go green activities in the city and regency of Serang. Those good activities of course, are important to have support from the industrial world especially PT KS as an industry that cares about environmental issues. Thus, community efforts in addressing environmental issues do not feel alone."
This event of giving tree seedlings by PKBL PT KS is an order for go green activities in several districts. "All seedlings which given are 20,000 albasiah seedlings, and 4,000 seedlings of mahogany."

(Source: Online Media Bantenrayapost.co.id)

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