03 Dessember 2009
Steel Price Continues Surging (Vietnam)

The office in southern region of Vietnam Steel Corp (VNSteel) continued changing the steel price for the second time in November 2009 with an increase of 200,000 dong per tonne for rolled steel and about 300,000 dong per tonne for steel bar. The new sales price has been officially applied since November 30.

In details, the price of rolled steel to be delivered at the factories was posted at 11.22 million dong per tonne and steel bar of 11.89 million dong per tonne.

The other steel firms also adjusted their steel price correspondingly.

The main reason to explain for adjustment in steel price this time was because the price of steel billet and imported steel increased in comparison with early last month.

Pham Chi Cuong, chair of Vietnam Steel Association revealed that the total steel sales in November was estimated at about 370,000-380,000 tonnes, an increase of at least 100,000 tonnes against last month in the context of the continual surge in prices of raw materials.

(Source: SEAISI Website)

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