Corporate Secretary


The Company has appointed Pria Utama as Acting Official of Corporate Secretary as of January 3, 2019, based on PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk. Board of Directors Resolution No. 001/Dir. SDM-KS/2019.

Corporate Secretary acts as an intermediary between the Company as an issuer with capital market regulator and supporting institutions, investors, the public, and other stakeholders. Corporate Secretary also manages all information related to the Company‚Äôs business activities to build a positive corporate image. Corporate Secretary directly reports to Board of Directors and is appointed and discharged based on the Board of Directors Resolution, which is subject to approval from Board of Commissioners. 

Corporate Secretary is responsible for legal advice provision, document management, public relations, corporate protocolaire and ceremonial activities to ensure effective and efficient activities of the Company. Corporate Secretary is also responsible for building corporate image as well as coordinating and controlling the implementation of good corporate governance (GCG) to ensure conformance by the Company to prevailing laws and regulations. The duties of Corporate Secretary include the direction, coordination, and examination of activities of the Company.

Pria Utama, born in Bandung, West Java on April 29, 1976, earned his Bachelor Degree in Law from Universitas Padjajaran (1999) and Master Degree in International Law from University of Melbourne (2000). He joined the Company in 2000 as First Expert in Corporate Law. He currently also serves as General Manager of Legal and Risk Management, a position he has served since 2018.