How To Order

For new customers, they should have the following administrative requirements:

  1. Legal entity (company)
  2. Submit a written request by enclosing:
    • Notarial Deed of Incorporation
    • Business Domicile License (BPL)/Surat Ijin Tempat Usaha (SITU)
    • Trade Business License (TBL) and/or Permanent Business License (PBL) 
    • Provide recipient address and/or Evidence of Warehouse Ownership/Lease
    • Reference from Foreign Exchange Bank
    • Evidence of Taxable Entity (ETE) / Bukti Pengusaha Kena Pajak (PKP)
    • Tax Payer Serial Number/ Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak (NPWP)
    • Authority for Sale Contract Signatory, if the officer concerned is not listed in the notary deed.
  3. Fill out Potential Customer Form provided by PTKS.

To place an order for PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk products, the following data should be provided:

Product Specification

  • Applicable standard specification.
  • Steel grade.
  • Chemical composition, mechanical property, and size tolerance should be included if the order is outside of normal specification.
  • Finished surface for cold rolled coil products (oil and surface conditions).

Weight is in kilogramss, MT, or amount.

All aspects of the product dimesions are in mm (thickness, width, and length for flat product, sectional size, diameter, and length of long product).

The use (end use) of the product should be mentioned clearly, such as processing, condition (hot or cold), processing direction (length or width, dimension, severity of processing, welding method and machining).


  • Shipping destination.
  • Shipping condition and time.
  • Packing type

Specific Needs

  • Packing
  • Information for special treatment such as ultrasonic testing, sulphur prints, etc.