Community Responsiblities

Community Responsibilities

P_42-PT-KS-tentang-Kerja-Bakti-Di-Ciwandan-1-1.jpgThe Company aware on its involvement on supporting nature preservation and the life on it. For company, preserving nature balance is also retaining the company continuity and sustainability. As a state steel industry processing raw material from natural resources, naturally the Company intends to and involves in nature treatment. It is not only on the nature friendly industrial landscape, but also directly participate in environmental activities.

The Company declares commitment on environment “To be a leading green and environmentally friendly industry”. Rely on this vision, routinely the Company encloses all environmental element on its Standard Operational Procedure (SOP), Quality Objective and Clean Production Program or 5R. On raw material processing, the supporting facilities and resources follow the principal of no waste (zero waste). Each production leftovers is treated by product and processed by reduce, reuse, recycle. All production processes with exhaust gas or air emission have been equipped with air pollution control. The major deployment of residual waste heat in steel industry is using the exhaust gas utilization facility. To reduce the carbon emission that can cause global warming. The Clean Production Program is exclusively managed by the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Division as company commitment.

The above environmental commitment is realized also through “One Man One Tree” activities, which are a coast reforestation act with mangroove planting involving school students, the community, the caretakers and congregation of mosque in tree-planting program in the environment around the company site.

The company is actively involved in Green Industry assessment conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Corporate Performance Assessment Rating program (PROPER) by Ministry of Environment. Company activities on environmental management cover Environmental Management program, consists of the control on air and water pollution, B-3 waste and Non B-3 waste management, reforestation, marine conservation and the zero waste concept.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Company’s commitment to be responsible on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is implemented through many programs managed by the Health, Safety and Environment division (HSE). The Company is consistently and seriously applying Regulation and rules, including those guided in Environmental Management System (ISO 14000) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMK3).

In the year or 2014, the Company has revised the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies as per follow:

Promoting environmental protection, occupational health and safety by implementing occupational health, safety and environmental management systems, and complying with applicable laws and regulations and sustainable improvements.

  1. Managing waste, emissions and resources to prevent environmental contamination and retain environment preservation.
  2. Creating a healthy and safe working environment by developing preventive methods agains accidents and health problems.
  3. Increase awareness, knowledge and abilities of employees in the areas of environment, occupational health and safety, through publications, dissemination of information and training.