Human Capital Management


Human Capital Management in business organization has through so many changes in paradigm, and in general the paradigm will follow as above:

HCM1 copy.jpg 

PT. Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk as a business organization from time to time also has through some changes in paradigm regarding Human Capital Management (employee) which including to it. Recently Krakatau Steel is processing to step in the paradigm of Human Capital Management after the previous stage in implementing the paradigm of Human Resource Management.
Changes in paradigm will not leave the previous paradigm at all, because the meaning of changes in Human Capital Management is an improvement of the previous paradigm. The organization which already implemented the Human Resource Management Paradigm doesn’t mean it will leave the whole Personnel Management Paradigm, as an organization which already implemented Human Capital Management doesn’t mean it will leave the Human Resource Paradigm and Personnel Management.
The description of all the statement is explained above:

HCM2 copy.jpg