Corporate Culture

Along with the spirit towards real changes to improve the company performance and develop professionalism throughout the entire Krakatau Steel, we are committed to the development of Corporate Values.
Corporate Values comprising beliefs, principles, and values become the basis and reference of the company management system and employees work behavior, and is believed to accelerate better changes.
In order to support the Vision as an integrated steel company with a competitive superiority to grow and develop sustainably to become a global leading company, we reformulate new corporate values. Our Corporate Values are:

  • Competence
    Reflecting the self-confidence and determination to improve knowledge, skill, expertise and attitude for sustainable performance.
  • Integrity
    Reflecting compliance to rules, regulations and commitment to agreement through professionalism in achieving company's objectives.
  • Reliable
    Reflecting readiness, swiftness and responsiveness in implementing commitment by means of synergy of all company resources for customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Innovative
    Reflecting determination and capacity in creating new ideas along with better implementation in improving process and output quality.

These Corporate Values will continue to become a guideline for action and behavior for the entire management and employees, in order to build cohesiveness in the company.

C I R I:  A Series of Values
Competence, Integrity, Reliable, and Innovation are an integral unity and inter-related values. Competence and Integrity becomes a basic asset to every Krakatau's human capital to be able to work and perform in realizing a profitable, growing, and sustainable company.

The value of Competence indicates that the company is supported by superior Human Resources, reliable management and technology system; this is a superior characteristic of competitiveness in the global arena. Employees are required to make improvement and capacity development through their best performance, in an effort to maximize positive contribution to the company. Capacity needs to be consistently developed in order to carry out and complete a given task, which in turn will make each individual employee as a competent man of steel, ready to face the challenges and opportunities ahead.
Other than provisioning from the aspect of compatibility and skill, employees need to have integrity, which is a commitment to agreements, regulations, and prevailing laws. Employees with integrity will always realize this commitment through consistent behavior, in words and promises. This can be achieved only through a genuine sincerity of each employee to make it happens.

The combination of Competence and Integrity will develop perfection in the individual profile of each employee, with the two elements combined, i.e. capacity and mastering technology, based on positive moral to stick to the prevailing principles and ethics.
When competence and integrity of each individual are implemented effectively within the organization, they will develop organization capability to increase customer satisfaction and confidence. Companies that are supported with reliable resources are able to respond convincingly to every market and customer demand. Quality products, fast and accurate services, and fairly competitive prices, are realization of the company�s words.  It is a reflection of a Reliable company.

Achievements will always be improved if employees continue to think and innovate to enhance the current performance. In their performance employees are demanded to take the slightest chance of a change. Innovative should become the nature each employee has and becomes an asset to contribute continuously to the company performance from time to time.

The Meaning of Value Image

is symbolized by Coconut Tree image and Red Color.
Coconut tree has an overall benefit, from its young shoots, to the branches, leaves, fruits, and water. Its existence provides a calming shade. Coconut tree can grow strong even on sandy soil (symbol of ability and expertise).
Red is a challenging color, representing various forms of emotions one would like to convey. In general, red is a symbol of power, courage, success, and victory.

Integrity is symbolized by Bee image and Dark Blue Color.
Bees are known as hard workers with diligence and high loyalty to their duties. In order to produce 0.5 kg of honey, bees have to collect nectar of about 4 million flowers. Honey provides many benefits for mankind.
Dark Blue Color gives meaning of integrity, wisdom, loyalty, and expressing Trust and Truthfulness.

 is symbolized by Horse image and Black Color.
Horse is always identical with readiness, speed, and high ability to respond, toughness, and the symbol of glory, reliable.
Black Color is one of the symbol colors with a meaning of honesty (trustworthy), and peace.

 is symbolized by Horizon image and Silver/Grey Color. 
Wide horizon and sunray give inspiration and hope, and encourage new ideas for creation towards a brilliant future.
Silver/grey is a neutral color, a balance between black and white. It does not stimulate emotion and the color reflects progress, technology, and classified as sophisticated. Silver color also gives strong impression that Krakatau Steel is a leading steel company.