Corporate Secretary


Suriadi Arif has been the Company’s Corporate Secretary as of October 2, 2017 based on Letter of Decision of the Directors of PT Krakatau Steel Tbk No. 81/DU-KS/Kpts/2017.

The Corporate Secretary is a liaison between the Company, as an issuer, and the regulators and capital market supporting institutions, investors, the public, and other stakeholders. The Corporate Secretary is also responsible for managing information related to the Company’s business activities, as well as building its corporate image. The Corporate Secretary is appointed and dismissed by a Decree of the Board of Directors through the Company’s internal mechanisms. The appointment requires the approval of the Board of Commissioners.

The Corporate Secretary is directly responsible to the Board of Directors. The duties of the Corporate Secretary include Directing, coordinating and reviewing legal advice; document administration; public relations; protocol and ceremonial activities in order to ensure the Company’s good image, and that it runs effectively and efficiently and directing, coordinating and controlling the implementation of activities related to the implementation of GCG to ensure sound corporate principles, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Suriadi ArifBorn in Bandung, West Java, on October 17, 1967, he is a graduate of the Law University of Padjadjaran (1992) and has an S2 Management degree from the IEU-Institute of Management (1994). He has been with the Company since his appointmentas the First Expert of Corporate Law in 1993. He also has certification in Risk Management of Pension Funds, Pension Fund Management, Advocacy and Investment Banking. His last position before being Corporate Secretary is Director of Mitra Krakatau Pension Fund since 2014 – 2017.